Baby Love

Do you remember the first time your child chose you? Chose to love you in return or show you affection? 
I remember when my bestie's daughter starting giving her hugs and kisses. And I remember having the bittersweet feeling of knowing it might be a while before Emmaus chose to be affectionate with me. 
Well lately she has started "hugging" and then she has started kissing- I really thought she was just trying to bite me (which she does a lot too), but she ever-so-sweetly pulls your face close and opens that mouth wide and gives you the biggest slobberiest smooch. 
It melts my heart. 
The last few days with this girl have been so fun and so sweet. I love seeing her change and grow. Best part? She finds me hilarious. (OBVIOUSLY she has a good taste in humor)

Love, La


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