A little more on Rhythm and Such

We have been living in survival mode for a while now. 
From learning to be parents, to learning how to take care of our little chubbs with her special set of circumstances. 
But we are moving on to thriving instead of surviving. 

And for me it all starts with cleaning the sink. I SUCK at doing house work. 
And I REALLY suck at doing it because I feel a wee bit overwhelmed with other things in my life.
So Dan does most of it and I feel guilty. 
So I have simply started keeping my kitchen sink clean, which means the dishes have to be either in the dish washer or put away which leads me to unload the dish washer. 
It makes me feel like I have done something and I don't wake up with a full sink starting the day feeling overwhelmed. 
It usually leads me to start some laundry, clean my floors and even mop sometimes.  WIN!
(This all came from a friend's suggestion that read it from the FLY LADY- you can google her methods)
And then I sit, and enjoy my cup of fall coffee. In my clean kitchen. Which gives me a few moments of rest in my day. 


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