A lot has been happening around here this week. And I won't get into all of it in this post...but I do want to share a couple of fun things.
First- Emmaus has begun sitting up on her own. In a very unique way- but none the less she is sitting up.

She also has started using a process of sitting up, lying down & rolling to get where she wants to go. Yesterday she traveled from the middle of her room to her toy box to get what she wanted.
She no longer is happy in her exersaucer- she wants to MOVE.
And if she isn't happy she will let you know about it. The kid has started throwing little hissy fits to express her dissatisfaction. It is pretty amusing really. Only funny cause it is easy to distract her and get her in a good mood again.
Biggest thing this week?! She waved at me! She has been understanding waving & clapping more & more. I was waving at her and she picked up her chubby little hand and opened it and closed it at me MORE THAN ONCE! AKA the girl waved! I was beside myself with glee. (Still kinda am-been trying to get her to wave ever since-she just looks at me like I'm dumb) 

We've been busy enjoying Olympics (every minute of every day pretty much). I will be kinda glad when it is over. So I can get back to no TV day time and reruns of FRIENDS at night. 
Hope all is well in your homes-


  1. she is a verified cuteabottomus!

  2. She's got perfect form with that move from flat to sit! pointed toes and everything! Hooray for Emmaus! So glad for a happy update after your ominous last post. :)


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