Oh Hell

You see I am the kinda girl that stands in the shampoo aisle at target staring at shampoos for an hour trying to decide which one to get. 
Or my husband says "Where do you want to go to dinner" and I rarely can decide on a place. 
I have never been good at the decisions. 

So when Emmaus' Neurologist mentioned that we should consider looking into tuber resection AKA BRAIN SURGERY to gain seizure control- you can imagine the how fuzzy my head becomes. 

How is it that God gave me (the indecisive one) a kid that needs such huge decisions to be made for her. 
(We are FAR from making a decision on this one! BTW)

So as for this week, it has been one for the record books- miscarriage, new diet & thickened fluids for Emmaus, glasses for Emmaus- and brain surgery being put onto the table. 

At least while I am standing in the "shampoo aisle" I have a happy giggly girl in my cart and a great husband at my side.

 Makes things a little easier. 
(That and the box of hot tamales I just ate,okay and some PB M&M's but I went to Jazzercise this am!)


  1. You have a way of grace in communicating these most difficult of intersections in your family's life. Combined with those bits of humor, I'm pretty sure it's what we'd call "faith" and "eyes that see the kingdom". I'm sure you usually don't feel either of those, but I see it. I'm still following your family's journey from over here in Cali...and praying.

  2. Laurisa -

    What an amazing girl you are - and such an inspiration - to have such a trust in God when it comes to Emmaus. I have no doubt that you all will make the decision that is right for Emmaus. You are an AMAZING mommy and I hope to be half the mom you are someday. We love you all so much and are always praying for you!


  3. Oh Hell and rasa frasa and other words I've given up.


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