In sickness AND in health

Today I met a mama who sort of like me in my pregnancy with Emmaus was having a last minute change of plans from the birth center to a perinatologist office. Her baby was fine, it was just a possible change of plans. She was nervous and scared and in our conversation she said- "As long as she is healthy, that is all that matters". 
The most basic of hope for her little one. 
That is such a common phrase. "I don't care if it is a boy or girl, as long as they are healthy". And I have never really given it any thought until today. 

But something about this mama and her situation, or maybe me relating to her being scared in her change of plans got me thinking...

No, it's not as long as they are healthy. Cause when you have that baby you will never ever think that thought again. 
You will deal with the heartache of sickness no matter how severe, you will thicken their formula, pick out their first pair of glasses, pray with them through seizures, spend hours on hold with insurance companies, apria health care, or numerous other people to figure out their care. You will check them obsessively at night when they have a fever, you will clean up when they have the flu, and you will do it all thinking you have the best job in the world! -Being your child's parent. 

You will be obsessed with their accomplishments, worry about their food intake, and food output. You will laugh when they laugh, cry when they cry. Your phones memory will be FULL with ridiculous pictures of your child.
You will be tired, but it is SO WORTH IT- ( I say that knowing tonight is "my night on"- and I will be up a lot with Emmaus and then go to work tomorrow and be tired)

Being a parent is amazing- the love you will have for that little one will blow you away. 
In sickness AND in health. 
-it's not just for the wedding vows-


  1. yes, you get is how I feel about you and Cameron.

  2. wonderful insight! perfect.

  3. I said this exact thing to my husband recently! I told him...."I never thought the sickness and health part of our vows would refer to our child." And yes, you will come to CRINGE every time someone thoughtlessly says..."as long as they are healthy!" As if they would not love them if they weren't!


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