Hey you- stalker/friend.

A friend recently said "I stalk your blog" all the time. 
But truth be told- I don't really think of you all as blog stalkers- but cyber friends that read what is happening in our lives- live along side us- cry with us and celebrate with us. 
In the last year Emmaus has made a ton of new little friends

Charlotte Share's her snacks with Emmaus 
Nellie always wants to hold and snuggle Emmaus

These two are the cutest little besties that ever were.
Lila is always sweet to "maus" and from the start of Emmaus' seizures has said the sweetest little prayer for her.
"Dear Jesus, Baby Maus, all better"- 

Making memories at the pool with some of my oldest friend's kiddos.
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  1. Love that pic of Lila and Emmaus. She sure loves Baby 'Maus!


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