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Well Folks, People are starting to wonder where I went. I am not saying that because I am full of myself and I just KNOW people must be reading this little blog. Nope- people have started mentioning my lack of blogging...So Hello! Here I am.

We went on a vacay to Maine. It was lovely- and much cooler than this RIDICULOUS heat the midwest is having. We got to go to the beach, and eat lobster, and just rest. It was great.

It also had some not so great parts including a ridiculous day of travel to get there which had highlights of Emmaus' carseat (not the one she was in but the one we were talking with us) falling out of my moms car at 4am -Almost missing our flight that Delta told us was canceled but in reality was not- The lady infront of us ordering 3 alcoholic drinks at 6am, reciting her complete life and medical history and then having the nerve as we were leaving to tell me she thought WE were going to ruin the flight cause we had a baby with us (UMMMMM....Emmaus was silent the whole time) It actually was an amusing day in hindsight.

Emmaus had a lot of seizures at the beginning of the week due to stress I think from being out of her normal routine & surroundings then got sick at the end of the week- but really she slept mildly well, ate well, laughed a whole lot and was a joy to be with all well. I know she loved spending time with her aunt Sarah & uncle Rob (Uncle Bobert is what I call him).

I also may have had a mini break down about my life- about how it is turning out so differently than I had expected. About how I want a bigger family, and I don't know how that is going to work out in the reality of life now. About how I want to stay at home and not work- which is a new development and I didn't really know that until I changed jobs- ( I love my new job by the way, but I have just realized as much as I love it, I am still not where my heart is, but until it is a reality to be home I am at least glad I am loving my job now.)

So even thought the last three paragraphs seem like our trip may have been less than enjoyable it really was a wonderful trip.
See life isn't live with BUT's it is lived with ANDS.

We didn't have a good trip BUT all these other things happened.

We had a good trip AND had these other things happen.
Joy&Reality living hand in hand. That is life.

My personal mini-break down truly was growth and while growing pains hurt, it was beneficial and necessary.

Here are a few pics from the week!

Love, La


  1. Been there, both Maine and the mini breakdown, and have been there several timese since, the breakdown not Maine. Life with a child with TS is a rollercoaster--awesome, awful and exhilerating all in one. Virtual hugs to you. Remember when the growth just feels like pain, you are not in this alone and you will see benefit on the other side! --Rebecca T.

  2. THat black and white pic of Chubs with her belly out and hair is ponies...I want to zerbert her belly. Then chew on her fat legs. Then walk away when she starts to scream and tear out my hair because I've scared her. I have that affect on people.
    I like mini-breakdowns. They are way better than stuffing down emotions with ice cream and donuts. Only on accounta the weight gain - because ice cream and chocolate mini-donuts are delicious.


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