A few tid-bits about my life...in pictures

Emmaus is learning to hug. It really is the cutest thing ever. She wraps her chub arms around your neck and nestles in, or grabs your face and pulls you close. So cute. Melts my mommy heart! 
And then sometimes it looks like a choke hold...Especially with "baby Zim" 

 My daughter is VERY talkative in the middle of the night and early in the morning. 
And her hair is always rockin!

A good friend of mine came over and watched Emmaus all night so Dan and I could sleep...
Yeah- best present I have gotten in the last year- possibly ever!

I got tickets to go see this guy in concert in October...Ummm yeah, I am super excited...
(Along with every teenybopper in the KC area)

 And last but NOT least. Emmaus is SITTING!!! She's changing so much and it is so exciting! She can't sit for very long, and she will fall straight back and konk her noggin, but she is getting better every day! I am so proud of that Chubs! 


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