New News.

First my toes are this color. I am just a little obsessed. Thank you target for $2.49. 

Secondly I am making a bit of a career change. In the last few months it has become increasingly hard for me to work at Children's Mercy. The people I work with are great, but I am just not able to emotionally handle everything I see there very well. I hope someday I will have a better grip on our  journey with Emmaus to be able to help people that are going through the same thing we are. And I do that some now, but at a huge emotion toll to myself. I want to build relationships with people and share our journey, tell them they are doing well, encourage them over the long haul... not briefly while they are inpatient on our floor. And working on an impatient floor doesn't allow for that very often. 
So I am taking my hippie self over to The New Birth Company to be a staff Rn for them. I will be working a few clinic days a month and then taking call for births. I will remain working PRN (as needed) a few shifts a month at children's for the time being. 
As you know if you have been reading for a while I believe in natural birth. I think that *most women's bodies are fully capable of laboring and giving birth without a whole lot of medical interventions. I believe in women's health both during, after, and outside of pregnancy. I love that this company is transforming birth both in the U.S. and all over the world. 
So, needless to say I am very excited to be joining their team. 

*I want to comment on the MOST word above. I believe birth is a beautiful thing regardless of how you choose to have your baby enter this world. If you choose hospital, home, water, epidural, induction, c-section, birth center, midwife, doctor, ect. That is a personal decision. And I respect the one you make. However- I also believe there is so much FEAR surrounding birth, that birth is considered an illness or emergency almost. And in all reality it is usually a very normal thing. A lot of the "emergency" comes from the medical interventions.  Obviously (even in my experience) not everyone is qualified to have birth outside of a hospital. 
I know most of the people reading this thing I am crazy- but having my daughter naturally was an incredible experience. It was amazing to get to work with my body to have her enter this world. It doesn't even stick out as a painful experience in my mind. It was work. But it was so much more than entering the hospital, and having a baby. It was spiritual, it was challenging, it was life changing. 
You aren't going to find me judging you for the way you birth your babies, but I also won't hesitate to tell you mine, and how labor & birth are not something to be feared.

oh my. looks like i need to step down from my soap box. i promise this won't turn into a all natural hippie blog. after all i'm not really that granola. just a bit on the natural side. 

That's all the news I have. 
Love, La


  1. Laurisa - I TOTALLY agree with your perspective on birthing!!! I believe that our society makes women terrified of the birthing process, and it's all about mindset. If you are already fearful and not trusting your body, then in my opinion it's much more likely you're going to need medical intervention. I also think that doctors are a bit impatient, rushing the natural progression of labor instead of letting the woman's body set the pace. I'm going to have a very detailed birthing plan when it's time for me to become a mama! I know that things can't always go according to plan, but I want to trust God and the way He designed my body. For centuries women have labored naturally, so why can't I do it? I'm also not judgmental of whatever way others choose to do it - but it does sadden me to hear when women don't even give their body a chance (like scheduled c-sections). I'm excited you'll be working for a birthing center that shares your philosophy!!

  2. YAY! So excited for you! What an amazing job opportunity. Can't wait to hear your stories. And I love how you described natural birth. I also don't remember it as a painful experience, but one of intense work and immense joy! I'm so glad you'll be a part of this process of empowering women.


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