You turned 11 months old yesterday...which means I am in full 1st birthday party planning mode! (I love planning a good party!)

It's been a long month. I'm not gonna lie. 
While you are generally a happy girl, you have gained a lot of personality this month. And are much more quick to tell us what you think about things. 
Due to a med we have recently added you have developed a HUGE amount this month. Reaching for toys, playing, rolling to get things, being more vocal about likes and dislikes. Almost sitting. You are very interactive with us and you especially like other kids. 
However, also due to this med you have stopped sleeping. You take two good naps a day, or sometimes three if they are really short. But you are up for hours at a time in the middle of the night. You are happy. Just wide awake. So we get up and play-cause we would go crazy trying to get you to go back to sleep. 
Your "normal" sleep pattern at night is you sleep from 9-12:30-1ish? and then you are usually up till about 4 and then you sleep till 6. Or sometimes less that than. Rarely more. 

We are so proud of how you are changing and growing. We find so much joy in your development. And while we are tired. You are worth every tired moment.

You eat EVERYTHING. And like everything really. 
 You are a joy sweet one.
I can't believe you have been with us almost a whole year!



  1. Teary eyed. Just love her so incredibly much and can't believe she's about to be a year!!! Becoming an aunt for the first time because of Emmaus will forever be one of my most favorite things. She moves my heart.


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