Multitaskings and such

Does anyone else walk around their house "multi-tasking" while brushing their teeth?  I do this almost every day. And all that really happens is I walk around the house with a tooth-brush in my mouth. (rarely actually brushing as I "multi-task" then I return to the bathroom to "finish up" (which in reality means I stand there for another 1.5 minutes and brush my teeth- which I wasn't doing as I walked around the house) Anyone with me?

So for the last few months I have been refinishing furniture that we got (for free) from a friend. It was super nice to start with but I really wanted white. So I convinced dan to let me paint it. He agreed (unhappily). 
Man it has been a task. I stripped, sanded, primed and then painted it. I love how it is turning out. And I am ALMOST done. But have to drill new holes for several drawers. 

Here is a sneak peak- BEFORE, BARE WOOD & FINISHED.
My house looks like this...(Which is making me kinda crazy)
And then there is this. The most dramatic sleeper EVER. 

Just a few random things for today.


  1. 1) Dresser looks awesome!
    2) Sister, my house looks like that some days and I'm NOT moving!
    3) cutest little drama queen ever


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