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I often learn these cool little things about God or the bible. That I THINK apply to me, that I love, and share with others. But it sure is the PITTS when you have to actually put them into practice.
At church on Sunday a part of the sermon was first few minutes of this documentary about an incredible woman. In the intro she says she has lived through both the Nazi's and communist russia, and because God says 366 times in the bible "do not be afraid", (or some variation of that) she chose not to be afraid.
So on the way home Dan brings this up and pointed out how cool it is that God says "Do not fear" 366 times and in a year (leap year) there are 366 days.
Seems pretty important to not be afraid if God would mention it to us every day.

Well in our lives I feel like there is a lot to fear. (In anyones life really) But Just Emmaus having TSC alone is a lot to fear. It is such a broad spectrum of outcomes for these kiddos. She could be fine, or not fine, or delayed, or developmetally normal, or she could not speak, or maybe she will. IT IS SO UNKNOWN!
I think as people we fear the unknown the most.

So this week I've been going along my merry way. Trying not to fear and then BAM God has me put it into practice. (Rude)
Some friends we have made over the last year who's daughter also has TS had a scare. Their little girl has been seizure free-ish (besides when she has been sick) for a while now. She has had brain surgeries and is doing very well developmentally. Anyway- she randomly had a huge status seizure and ended up intubated in the ICU. (She is doing much better now and will increase her meds to help prevent seizures)
First this breaks my heart because I can relate. I can imagine us there with Emmaus. We are on a very similar journey to them and while we have different kids, different story we are all one family brought together under this disease.
This also scares me. It scares me that even though she is doing so well something like this can still happen. It scares me that we will never be truly "out of the woods" with this disease.

I am having to practice NOT BEING AFRAID. Not because it is easy but because God cared enough to remind me once for every day of the year. He commands me not to fear.

Today Emmaus is doing well.  She is having very few seizures. She is interactive and developing. She loves to laugh at her daddy and she gabbs away all the day long. She is the chubb masta' and loves to eat foods of all types. She is Happy and Growing and Lovely.
So I am choosing to rejoice in those things today. Not fear her seizing. Not fear her development. But Rejoice in her. I cannot control those other things anyway.

Like I said before it is the Pitts learning these lessons huh? But I guess rewarding.
Okay. I'm off to make a zillion more bracelets! See my last post and order a few! We are trying to get a baby home here people!


  1. My huddle has been going through Daniel 10 (one of the 366 times God tells us not to be afraid). Daniel has been praying for intervention from the Lord and the angel comes in response to his prayers. When the angel shows up, Daniel is terrified and the first words out of the angel's mouth are: "Don't be afraid. You are very precious to God!" It's one thing to say, "Don't be afraid." It's another thing to give you a reason why: because you are precious to God. And as Paul says, "If God is for us, who can be against us." It's so hard in the face of life's tragedies and loss to remember that God is for our good. But our deep, character, soul and spirit GOOD. For me, I think it comes down to remembering who Jesus is and reminding myself that if he says it's good, it's good. In fact, it's better than "we could ever ask or imagine." So, don't be afraid. You (and Dan and Emmaus) are very precious to God!


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