Week of the little sicky.

This week involved a trip to CMH ER because the little chubbs was having a ton of seizures.  Luckily they slowed a bit once we got there and she didn't have to be loaded to get them to stop. (Loaded= an IV med to help them to stop and a stay overnight). 
They did recommend us staying overnight for observation and a EEG in the morning 
(EEG= a scan to look at where the seizures are coming from in her brain)

At the ER being monitored
However, Dan and I felt like we could observe her well enough at home and the EEG was kinda pointless. We know that tubers in her brain are causing the seizures...so why does it matter (at this point) where they are located. Plus we had one a month ago. 
Anyway. They luckily respected our wishes to leave and said that was fine with them too. 

We were thinking we were just getting into a season of more seizure activity and that we probably needed to change her meds since she didn't seem sick at all.  HOWEVER! She woke up from a nap the very next day with yellow bogies pouring out of her nose! Hallelujah!
I know I know I am probably crazy to be glad she is sick...However, that gives us a reason for the increase in seizures. (Often with people with sz disorders get sick they have increased sz activity). So we are hopeful they will decrease once she starts feeling better. 
She is pretty sick though. Poor kid is even hoarse! Her little noises sound sickly! And because she ran a fever yesterday we couldn't wear the helmet. 

However, sick or not sick, hoarse or not hoarse....she is still cheering on the jayhawks!

 Rock chalk says the little chubbs. 
(or big chubbs in this pic! Her little face is so swollen from being sick!) 



  1. oh poor babes. I can't imagine how distressing and frustrating that extra layer of seizures would be when you are already dealing with all the "normal" sick stuff. Relieved with you that the seizures are related to her temporary illness and don't appear to be indicative of a new seizure "season." Thankful for that! And as always, I am so impressed with your perspective (despite your last post:) ) and positive attitude. That peanut brings such joy to our lives, seizures or no seizures, boogers or no boogers, helmet or no helmet, chubs or no chubs! She is a gift and we over at the Kautzi house love that baby 'Maus!


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