More Purple & 9mo old

Well After I posted the other day much more purple showed up to support epilepsy awareness! We all felt very loved around here. Everyone from co-workers (to the crazy purple work walls) friends from highschool, church, extended family and more pooches proudly wore purple in support and awareness
Here are some more of the pics. 

On another note-
Emmaus is 9months old! It really is crazy. I can't believe it has gone so fast. We went to the doctor yesterday for a well visit. She is 29.5 inches long(96.8 %) and 20lbs4oz (75%). Shes a big baby! Emmaus is a very happy child. She rarely cries and people often mistake her complaints for chatter. She likes to talk a lot and is saying a few consonants. (D's G's and B's are the most common ones). She has absolutely no stranger anxiety and once she sizes people up she will almost always smile at them. She lights up in the afternoons when her daddy comes home. She always has a smile and a squeal for him. Sleep has been rough this month. She goes to bed well. But doesn't stay asleep. Most nights one of us  ends up on the couch with her- which doesn't even always help. However- she naps pretty well during the day so that helps this mama out. She is a good eater and Eats 2-3 meals a day and nurses in the morning and before bed and gets a formula bottle around 2pm.
She isn't sitting yet but she is getting sturdier by the day. I said last months I was hoping she would sit in 2 months. Well I can guarantee she won't be doing it by next month. But I think around or a little after a year is a very realistic goal.
Emmaus likes singing songs, books, watching other children and outings with mom. Her favorite toy is a lamaze dragon "DeeDee" that my mom got her for valentines day.  She continues to sleep during bath time. She loves foods of all types and is getting better with chunky foods. She only has 2 teeth, but I do believe some top teeth will arrive soon. She loves to "pat pat" things and she is just starting to pinch things. She is still wearing the helmet and her head is rounding out very nicely.
It has been a rough month with seizures, med increases, and normal childhood illnesses...but that is just part of this gig. We are very much looking forward to spring and less germy weather.

Emmaus- you are a very easy happy child. I am so thankful to be your mommy, you make my job very easy. I do wish you would sleep better at night. (Mommy's need sleep too!) Your smile brightens my day and your laugh melts my heart. I am so proud of the things you can do and how much you have learned this month.
I love you so much!- Mommy
Here a few of my fav pics from the month
Ummm Thighs!


Seriously, those lips!


Physical Therapy at Target

Smiling even though she's sick! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!! *KU mens team makes final*

Sick snuggly baby


I think that about covers it all!


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