Epilepsy Awareness Day

Today is March 26 which means two things. 
1. Emmaus is 9 months old today! Crazy to believe she has now been on her own longer than she was with me.  I will write a 9 month blog later today or tomorrow.
2. Today is epilepsy awareness day. I posted it to my FB account and asked people to wear purple to show their support of those with epilepsy  and post a pic to my wall! It was been so fun to see all the pics people have been posting!

Emmaus and I showing our distaste for epilepsy. 
Look at her face! It just cracks me up! 

The following are all the pics that were posted to my wall!  We hope todays awareness and support helps those living with Epilepsy. We sure feel loved and supported today! 

this is baby zim. He is Emmaus' brother according to my friends little boy. Its an ongoing storyline.

Even furry friends wore purple today!! 

Thank you all for posting!
Love, La


  1. Luckily, the purple went on after work! I love you guys! Thanks for coming to see us...you brought us good luck! :)


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