Over again

I know I posted THIS post about rolling a long time ago. However- Today for the VERY FIRST TIME all BY HERSELF Emmaus rolled from her back to her stomach. Then she did it again, and again and again. We have spent a WHOLE LOT OF TIME working on this very thing! The funny thing is that it was perfect. She put her feet where we practiced, her arms where we practiced, ect. And even better than that it means she is using her arms and legs to push. ummm thank you Jesus. So I might have taken pictures of the process because she did it so many dang times!  So here you go!

This is where she usually gets to but that arm just gets stuck under her!

                                Arm out!                                                               

And this is where I have pity on her and flip her back over. Darn helmet its just so heavy! 

So super exciting. We are so proud of you little girl!



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