Goodnight sweetheart

 Don't let this sweet little face fool you. Or those chubby cheeks...
Or those big blue eyes... don't let them grab your heart.
And certainly don't let her impressive flexability fool you. or the pink helmet, with the huge bow. 
While she's cute during the day....the real "fun" stuff happens at night. 

 My child. When you were this little I expected you to wake up often. I was super patient through those sleepless nights...infact, I even enjoyed those sweet moments in the middle of the night when it was just the two of us.

However, now you are Big. You are not 8 weeks old like your sleep patterns my child you are almost 8 months old! Thank you for being a good napper. But if you don't get a grasp on the night time sleep thing, your mommy may go crazy. She is tired...very very very tired of waking up every two hours with you.
I know you got teeth, then a helmet, and that is a lot to deal with. So I am TRYING to be patient. But the middle of the night girl time has to cease.

love, La


  1. Adore her little seahorse! She is lovely. Hoping you get some sleep-filled nights soon!

  2. oh she was such a little bean. i almost forgot how tiny she was. hopefully you'll get some good sleep soon!!!


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