Time sure goes fast huh? My bestie reminded me that Emmaus turned 8months old this week. Yah- I totally forgot about that. Whoops.  It has been a busy month. BUT she has changed SOO much this month that I wanted to make sure to get an 8month post in.
probably my fav pic from this month
Emmaus has grown and changed so very much this month. She got her pink helmet to round out her head which is already working! She started rolling from back to front (I think the helmet helped this a lot- because she doesn't roll when it is off)

She has started "making conversation". She looks at you and then speaks to you to get your attention, she changes her pitch and sound of her voice to "explain" things. She has also started patting things and grabbing things and bringing them to her mouth. She cannot find and replace her own binki yet-which is a skill that warms every mamas heart at 2am!
She moved to her big girl carseat- this has posed an interesting problem. Because she cannot sit yet I have to wear her or take the stroller or take the little car seat wherever we go. Most babies transition to the bigger car seat after they can sit. However, her helmet made us transition faster.
Sitting- we are working really hard on sitting. I am hoping (fingers crossed) we can master sitting in the next 2 months and if not, then by her 1st birthday. She is starting to get frustrated that she isn't more mobile, but overall is still a very content baby.
She is eating all sorts of good foods now. We started chicken and yogurt this month. Chicken will stay. Yogurt made her spit up a ton and get an eczema like rash so we will try that again in a while.
Sleeping has had its challenges this month. But we are working to get on a better schedule so we can all sleep better at night.

We followed up in St. Louis this month and will continue to increase he meds/change meds until she is seizure free. She is having none during the day right now, but she had several last night ( I know this because she slept on the couch with me) So we will increase them again this week.

I am so proud of my little gal. At times I get kinda sad that she is so far behind developmentally,  but it is very helpful to see all the progress she has made in the last month. She is the sweetest and makes our lives better every day.
Happy 8months baby girl! Love mommy


  1. She is completely adorable. Congratulations on all the new accomplishments!

  2. Look at that face. And her little helmet (which I like to say it like I'm German : helmooot) is totally changing her noggin' shape. She's beautiful.


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