Why I've been absent

So my last blog might have been a little raw...and maybe not the most upbeat...however- we are doing really well around here.  And my almost week lap in blogging has actually nothing to do with how things are here.
You see... I decided I would take January off from crafting. Kinda like a fast. I mean its not the strictest thing. I made bows for Emmaus and I have some leg warmers to make, so maybe its more of a diet than a fast.
So I got the Hunger Games for Christmas...
Seriously. If you aren't on the bandwagon jump on. These books ARE SO GOOD. I might DO like them more than twilight! WHAT?!?!?!
I am almost done with the last book (that I got this morning) and read the first two since last tuesday....So between taking care of Em & reading that leaves little time for blogging.

Today I went to a going-out-of-business sale at the cloth diaper store in town.
1. As much as I love cloth diapering and it is kinda sad they are going out of business they didn't have the greatest customer service so I'm not shocked.
2. By the time I got there, there was not a SINGLE DIAPER left in the store. Sad... no 50% off diapers for me.

    I did get a great deal. I have been wanting an ERGO carrier for a while now. Emmaus is just so heavy! It is really hard to carry around a 20lb child that doesn't support her own weight very well. And this mama's back is sore. So I was so EXCITED to find the carrier. There was only one left and I scored it for 55 bucks! HECK YES! I love getting stuff on sale. I have been searching craigslist & ebay for this specific carrier and haven't found it for less than 70bucks used. So 55 bucks new!? YAY!

Emmaus is doing really well. Her seizures have calmed down again with the increase in her meds and she really didn't go through much of a drowsy phase from the med increase. We are really working with her on reaching for things and trying to get interested in toys. Its funny what we have to teach her. They are things that most kids just learn, but we have to teach Em. And while that is a long process, it is also very rewarding to watch her learn things- things that we are teaching her. Tonight I got to watch her laying with dan on the floor. They were both on their sides facing each other and just chattering together. She reached out and grabbed his face. Stroking her little chubb fingers through his goatee. It was the sweetest. And her reaching for him on her own is HUGE!
She also has started migrating...I will set her on her play mat and then when I come back to her she will be laying perpendicular from where I laid her.  Progress.
I am so proud of that little girl.

So I promise I will blog more...as soon as I finish my book. Thank goodness there are only 3 books in the series.

Love, La


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