noggin smooches

Welp... we go to get Emmaus' helmet tomorrow morning. I have a lot of mixed feeling about it. I am so thankful that we can afford to get it for her, and that I won't have a 16 year old upset with me because her head it flat. But I am sad because I will miss her noggin for the next 3-6 months. I will miss her baby fine hair, and watching it change and grow every day. I will miss smooshing my face against her head and snuggling her and not feeling soft skin but hard plastic instead. I am nervous about the worlds perception of her. I am nervous about hearing little kids ask their parents why she has a helmet on. I guess I just long for our lives to be as "normal" as possible and I think for the most part even though at times out life feels completely abnormal, it appears normal to others. And this kinda changes that- for the moment. On the up side we ordered a pink helmet and I have made a ton of great bows to put on the helmet via velcro to match her outfit. New rule starting tomorrow- this kid doesn't leave the house without a bow. 

So because today was the last helmet-less day for a while I took the opportunity to snap some helmet-less picks of my girl. 

 On a more happy note Emmaus' physical therapy is going so well. She is really starting to want to play with toys and understand that she controls her hands and feet. She Is rolling onto her sides and with very little help fully onto her belly. She is starting to put weight on her feet, and even started jumping in her bouncer last night. It was such a joyful moment for us after months of working to get her to "bounce bounce" and not just pick up her feet when they touch the floor. The look of glee on her face when she started jumping was something to behold.
Trying to decide if she wants to play or not
Emmaus with her PT Trina working to put weight on her hands with her therapy ball.

Working on bang-banging on her "drum" (it actually is a tin from hobby lobby that says "for decoration only not a toy" whoopsy)  
Trina showing Emmaus that her feet are attached to her. Emmaus thought it was SOOOO funny and laughed and laughed.

Well that is all for tonight. 

Love, La


  1. She sure is one VERY cute, VERY loved baby. Thinking of you all today.

  2. I can't believe how much she's grown! I mean, just her personaliity and everything that's coming out...she's a little person, and I love it! She is so perfectly adorable, and one of the prettiest babies ever:) Love the pics you posted, she always makes me smile:D


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