More reflections from me

I promise soon I will stop reflecting so much and get back to my normal blogs-
But not today.
I've been kind of reflective with the start of the new year. I've been thinking about our life over the last few years. About friendships. About the bitter or hard places in my heart. I am definitely in a season of being pruned, of trials, of waking up each morning and letting God be my strength. The mornings I get up and decide to leave God out of the equation lead to hard days. Days of being annoyed with the little things, feeling sorry for myself and being completely unproductive. The days I wake up and hand God the day ahead are good days. Some of the best I've ever had. 
Cause I get to spend them with this little gal. She is changing me. She is changing my heart. She is causing me to love better, have greater faith, and to long for the kingdom of heaven to be here. 
(Well really Jesus is changing me, but she is the spark that is causing the fire to grow)

I've always had a good community of friends that has surrounded me. But in the last year I have truly found a community that is centered around Jesus. That is quick to pray for each other. That challenges me to change, to be better, to love Jesus more and to love others better. Friends that don't feel sorry for me, but are sorry with me. That share with me their lives woes even if it seems like no big deal compared to what we face with Emmaus...(cause it is a big deal, because these are peoples lives we are talking about) I LOVE THAT. I love that I have been allowed to still be present in their woes and their joys even if I have junk going on in my life.

Life is good right now. We have a lot going on. There is a lot of sadness that happens in my days. But a lot of joy too. There are not so fun things that we have to tackle, but in the grand scheme of things we are changing and growing, and while there are growing pains, beauty is coming out of these ashes.

My goal for this year is to stop and pray. When I am sad, or frustrated, or not sure what to do. Or when I hear things come out of peoples mouths that upset me. Just to stop and pray. Pray for those people, pray for myself, pray for Emmaus. To run my mouth less and pray more.

I guess that is enough thoughts for now-
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Love, La
Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day
2cor 4:12


  1. Great post! It is so difficult to let God have the reins of my day, but every time I rest in Him, it is OODLES better. I will pray that we both find this easier. P.S. It was super-great to see you last week and meet Emmaus. She is a light.

  2. she has a total dan face in that pic! love you. and your encouragment! :)


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