Love hate Pintrest relationship

I know everyone else pretty much LOVVVES pintrest. However, I only kinda love it. First I think we all can agree on how easy it is to get sucked into its pinned goodness and stay up half the night, don't get our house cleaned, homework done or dogs walked because of it.

I love it because of its endless organizing ideas, easy meal ideas and OUTFIT IDEAS! Holy cow! I need those outfit ideas. I am too cheap to buy magazines and we don't have the style channel anymore so I am sunk. I used to babysit all the time for this family. They pretty much have great style (even their 5 & 2 year old). Anyway- sometimes I would steal ideas from what I would see the mom wearing cause I knew it was in fashion, or spend hours after the kids went to bed looking through their billions of magazines (their magazine collection is extremely impressive-like their house would go up in smoke fast if God forbid it ever caught on fire- but I took full advantage of reading all of them)  I still frequently wear my workout pants all day or just jeans and a t-shirt, but I am working on having more pulled together cute outfits. I mean Heck I dress my kid cute...I should look cute too. I digress.


I dislike pintrest because of the crafting ideas. I am an avid crafter. I made a lot of less than perfect things before I got good at it, but now I think my products turn out really well, and I have a high standard for how they end up. Whether it is sewing, or more simpler crafts I still take pride in a very good finished product.
Some...okay a LOT of the tutorials on the site are CRAP...yet I know people are doing them. Word (s) of advice.
-If it seems like the craft should need sewing, yet claims to be no-sew... steer clear.
-You CAN'T do everything with hot glue.
-If it involves cutting up a t-shirt and stringing ribbon through it... don't pin that one (OR WEAR IT IN PUBLIC!)
-If your craft calls for office supplies, utensils, or toilet paper rolls for the craft it isn't going to turn out as good or even  CLOSE to the picture so your "cheap project" will looks cheap.

I'm trying to figure out what my point is. I guess it is that while I love some parts of pintrest, and it has a bunch of great ideas, there are some equally bad ones. And maybe my best friend that is a pastry chef rolls her eyes when I tell her the new cookie recipe I got off pintrest, because she knows it is crap...but I roll my eyes at the crafts people pin. Because a lot of them are crap.

Remember...if you are new to crafting, choose projects that are appropriate for a beginner.
Craft because you like it, not to make money at it. (Its an added bonus if you can make money at it. But not a reason to craft)
Ask a friend to teach you a new skill. If you want to learn something ask someone who is GOOD at that thing, and offer to teach them your skill.
Remember- these are just my craft-snob opinions and sorry if your house is covered in toilet paper art and I super offended you.
see this is actually kinda boring...and you might think you like it but  its because the pillows are so fabulous...and I'm guessing those were not "crafted" although my gma who has true skills could have made them. 

mmmkay.  I don't even like this, but if you do- I promise yours won't look half this good infact I bet it even looks like you smooshed tp rolls and stuck them to the wall. 

Speaking of pintrest. I saw this on there. I probably will never attempt it...or at least not without help from someone who can do some kind of wood working BUT HOW GREAT IS THIS?!? A Closet turned into a computer desk area? I am in love.

And that's all for now. I love and hate you pintrest.
Love, La


  1. I totally agree! Have you seen those someecards pictures with {hilarious} sayings? Everytime I see one, I think "they should make one that says 'As long as you have a nice camera, you can take pictures of pure crap and it will show up on Pinterest like you're a freaking genius'". I'll drop them an email.

  2. and so I continue to steer clear of pintrest. i cannot handle another internet social network! i just want real life face to face (or phone!) interactions! and tutorials for that matter :)


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