Little sicky

Today there was a lot of this happening in our house.  Emmaus was very tired and grumpy and REALLY loved her binki (which she hasn't used for 3 months) She didn't eat a whole lot and slept pretty much all day. Turns out she has an ear infection which caused a fever, and those darn teeth aren't helping much either.

Then when daddy got home the snuggling continued. At one point he tried to put her down and she let out the most ear piercing scream. They snuggled right back onto the couch and she was back to dream land. Poor baby.

 Emmaus now knows that the blue bulb is to be feared...we also have a nose frida that she cries at the sight of as well. (If you aren't familiar with that check it out- its kinda gross, but works incredibly well)
And then there is this. It is a tub of outgrown clothing. I started sorting it yesterday, but today had my hands were busy holding the little sicky. It is in our living room and causing Dan a great deal of anxiety. (which I find kinda amusing).He doesn't like things out of place you know. 

Lets hope the little feels more like herself tomorrow
Love, La


  1. oh sorry she's sick. It's so sad when they're sick. Hope she recovers quickly!

  2. LOVE the snugs!!! But so sad its from a not so fun cause. :( I hope she feels better tomorrow!!


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