Cutest knight at the round table

So the little chubbs has developed quite a flat head. After all my insistence that it is getting rounder, and everyone else somewhat disagreeing we decided to have it checked out. Turns out it is indeed very flat (although evenly flat at that) and she is a very good candidate for a helmet to help round it out.
At first I was kinda freaked out. Our lives already seem kinda abnormal to me, but one of the best things is we can be out in public for now without people being aware that she is any different than any other baby. I know a helmet will change that and bring stares. However, after much thought I realized it would be much easier (although not cheaper) to just slap a helmet on the kid for a few months so I don't have to spend so much time focused on how she is sitting/laying/sleeping, ect in hopes that it will round out naturally. I already spend a great deal of time working with her on development things, so getting the helmet instead of having to worry so much about positioning is kinda a stress reliever. Plus, I don't want to have some teenager mad at me because she can't wear her hair a certain way because it shows her head is flat and I didn't do enough to fix it. ( I honestly think if she was a boy we might think more before dropping the cash to fix it, but girls just put to much of their identity into looks- sadly)
Aww....flat headitis -it's what my friend would call a Johnson Country Problem. (Johnson county is the county we live in and one of the wealthiest in the country) It is a problem that is not a real problem, but that still kinda becomes a big deal somehow, but really only is a big deal when there are few real problems to be found.
Anyway- the little chubbs will be getting a pink helmet a week from wednesday. Hopefully she will have it off before her first birthday and will have a round head to show for it. (At least people will stop asking how old HE is with a pink helmet on RIGHT?!?!)

So we had to get her fitted. They do this super cool scan thing that makes a 3d image of her head and face. It was the cutest little 3d chubby face I have EVER SEEN!
They gave her this mesh hat thingy to wear for the scan. I thought she looked like a knight from a monty python movie
I really can't handle all the chubby knight cuteness in this pictur
or maybe a pixie of some type...

The guy who fitted her said kids usually freak out by the "mesh knight hat" but she didn't mind one bit.

I am kissing that noggin like crazy. Soon it will be covered up 23 hours a day. Luckily those chubb cheeks will still be good for smooching. 


*Thanks to my friend Steph for the blog title. 


  1. That mesh hat IS cute. I'm sure this isn't easy, but I hope we still get to see lots of that cuter-than-a-button face!

  2. she's a cuteapottomas! Chub cheeks, chubb legs, chubb bottom and all!!!!

  3. One of my good friend's baby had a flat head helmet (she found a support group. I can get you in touch with her if you'd like lol) She wore it for almost a year I think, 6ish months to almost 18months, and learned to sit up, crawl, walk, etc. while wearing it..which made her QUITE the dare devil, apparently it hurts less to fall when wearing a helmet!
    She also decorated it with really cute stickers, and changed it out almost weekly. But now her baby's head is round! It really works! :)
    Good luck with your cutie patootie!


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