Carpe Diem

So- Have you all read THIS article?
It's written by a blogger mom who talks about not seizing the day. Her article makes a whole lot of sense. The best part is at the end when she talks about time. Kairos and Chronos are the two types of time. Our church talks a WHOLE lot about these time frames. Chronos are the MINUTES and the day, and Kairos are the MOMENTS in the day. I love that perspective. I was reading a couple of comments that were written about the article and here is some of what I saw.

One women said "Even after this article so many women were talking about how they still try to seize the day. Like they are BETTER moms than I am"

Then another mom said "maybe these moms should blog less and have more "moments" they can appreciate. "

ummm wow. Both of those comments really irk me. Maybe I am being kinda sensitive, but let me lay it out here.

Being a parent is really hard. Period. If you have one "normal" child and that is all you ever have that is REALLY HARD in itself. If you add more children, or any type of "issue" that makes your child fall outside of that "typical" range it gets harder. Now- that being said I STILL fall into the carpe diem category. I am not going to be one who makes parenting look/sound like roses all the time- read back a few blogs, I think it is clear I have my struggles. But I will say to a new mom that is getting up at night every few hours, or sitting up for hours at a time with their awake babe at night, to try and enjoy those moments. Because they don't last forever. (This is coming from a woman who's almost 7month old doesn't sleep through the night yet- I understand being tired I understand thinking "can you just go the fuck to sleep" but I try to choose the attitude of joy EVEN in those situations). I am trying to love the days I have with my child. Are they hard? Yes. Are they always fun? No. Have we be both been in tears at times? uh huh. But I do believe that choosing Joy as a parent is very important.  I am not trying to make it sound like I have this all figured out (again read back a few blogs- obviously I don't). I just try to enjoy each day in itself.  To have joy not only in the days, but the moments as well.

Now- to the mom that comments about blogger moms. We are remembering the moments by blogging. I blog because I want to remember. I want to be a good memory keeper as a mother.  And lets be honest it is therapeutic.
Just remember there is always someone who wishes they could be in your situation. Someone who wants so badly to have a child, someone who (like the article says) wishes they could buy their groceries without feeling stressed financially.
I'm not trying to give a guilt trip. We all process, act, parent, seize the day or seize the moments differently.
I just challenge you to choose Joy. Cause these days will pass too quickly. Your babes will be grown, your hairs will be greying, and you won't get these precious moments back.

Love, La


  1. I read the same article and loved it. I was very thankful she wrote this and expressed everything I felt but couldn't put into words. also a great reminder to seize the moment - because seizing the day is too overwhelming to me! :)

    1. I liked it, but just still wanted to add that even if seizing the day seems overwhelming- cause it is! We still should try to choose joy. I also LOOOVEED the part about the kairos moments. We don't blog to remember the minutes in the day, but the moments. Love you jess! Can't wait to see pics of that little one. And P.s. I now have spent WAYYY to much time looking at that bugaboo website.


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