7 months!

 Dear sweet girl-
   Yesterday you turned seven months old! I can hardly believe how big you are getting and how fast you are changing. You continue to be a delightful little girl. This month you have started forming opinions about things, which I think is just great. You have been so mellow for so long it is nice to see a little attitude from you. You really love to play and we have been working on reaching for toys this month. You have started having much better trunk control and sit up very strong in our laps when we hold you. You started sleeping through the night this month. You take a bottle around 9pm then go to sleep. You are very good about falling asleep on your own, you wake several times during the night, but go back to sleep on your own and then wake up for the day around 630 or 7am. (One night I just got tired of feeding you at 4am, so I stopped, and you did very well with that!) About two weeks after you started sleeping all night long you started getting teeth and starting waking up very fussy at night. Man those teeth hurt! You are now the proud owner of two bottom teeth. (And a very nice cold, cough and ear infection that started from the teeth congestion) Your seizures have been pretty well controlled this month and you have started taking your meds so much better!! (praise Jesus!) You really love your Johnny Jumper right now, and although you don't jump in it yet, you do put some pressure on your feed and spin in it.
You love to eat and are truly a wonderful eater. You eat all types of foods but prefer fruits to veggies. (Mean mommy makes you eat them anyway). You nurse around 5 times a day and eat foods 3 times. Although you are the chubb master chubbs I see that you are starting to thin out some as you move more.
You have started to know me, which I love. You don't necessarily prefer me, but you are more aware of my presence. You love your daddy too and smile at him the most.
I started working weekends this month. I get to be home with you all week and you spend all weekend with daddy. He takes great care of you.
You love watching the Ellen Show and The View- you think the ladies are talking to you and you talk back to them. (I don't let you watch much tv, but you love it when I do)
You may not be developmentally on target, but you make strides every day. We are so incredibly proud of you. Your joyful sweet personality encourages those around you. And your smile lights the dark places in the day. We are so blessed to be your parents.
Love, Mom
Playing with henry the horse in your johnny jumper

You got tired of playing and decided to nap instead
You love to snuggle and still will lay on your daddy's "chest" aka across his whole torso to sleep 

Swimming. And super blue eyes

Time with uncle "bobert" who snuggled you even though you are sick (You will understand how much that shows his love for you when are a little older)

Time with Grammy or Gma (you get to decide her name)

Snuggling with Grandma D. 


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