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 I know I have mentioned this multiple times, but Dan and I manage our fiances by following Dave Ramsey's plan. We were lucky enough a few years ago to take his "financial peace university" class. It is often offered at churches.  One of the things that Dave talks about is having "gazelle like intensity" That might sound like an odd phrase, however if you have ever seen a video of some predator chasing a gazelle it is explained. Those creatures just don't stop running. And often they out run the beast that wanted to eat them for dinner.
His plan involves the baby steps.
1. Build a $1000 emergency fund
2. Pay off all debt using debt snowball
3. 3-6 months of expenses in savings
4. Invest 15% of household income in roth IRA for retirement
5. College funding for children
6  Pay off home early
7. Build wealth & give

We have been doing dave Ramsey for  about 2 years now. October 2010 we finished step 2 and in April of this year we finished step 3.
We plan ahead for future expenses and save for them monthly (ie, car tags, taxes, healthcare deductibles, new car ect) We had to dip into the emergency fund this year due to having to meet two deductibles with a sick babe and a switch in insurance...but thanks to the generosity of our community we didn't have to use all of it. It is currently being built back up again.
You might as why I am talking about all of this. Two reasons. 1. I AM SO THANKFUL for this class and what it has taught us about money.
and 2. We have a huge change coming to our family because of Dave Ramsey & his advice of having gazelle like intensity.
My work offers a program called weekend option. It is where you work two weekend shifts and get paid for 3 days of work. (As a nurse 3 days if full time). I have been working 2 shifts (part time) since Emmaus was born. Welp the second part of baby step 3 is saving for a house. Dan and I are shifting back into having gazelle like intensity to save for a house. We will be budgeting more tightly, and I will be joining the weekend option staff at my work.
I will definitely miss having the weekends free with my hubby & baby girl, but It will nice to work 2 shifts in a row again & have 5 days off after working two. The extra day of income will be pretty sweet too.
So as of January 14th count me out for weekend activities. As I will be working (or sleeping). I do get a few weekends off. But they will be few and far between in the next year. I am excited about working hard, budgeting well and being able to have buying a house be a possibility & one that isn't super stressful financially.

If you want financial freedom check him out. It isn't a plan for the weary, but I can honestly say we are thankful to feel free financially. And if you have been reading my blog this year and know the expenses  we have incurred that should be testament enough for his program.  Check it out. You won't be sorry.

Love, La


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