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I have a more serious christmas post to write, however, tonight I will just say a few things and post a lot of pics. First- ITS THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR! I just love christmas. There is just so much to celebrate! First Jesus- I mean enough said right?! then giving gifts- not sure if you know me, but I LOOOOVVVEEEE gifting. Probably a little to much.  Speaking of things I love too much crafting is one too. So I have been crafting up a storm making some homemade gifts.
First gift- A People puzzle! I made this for my sweet friend Amanda's little girl. I simply sanded, painted and covered the pieces of a wooden puzzle. Then I placed printed pictures of her family inside and used deco-pauge to glue them inside.

I also made this for my Friend Kelsey's little girl Lila for her second b-day. Unfortunately I forgot to snap a pic of my finished product, but I included a pan, left out the spatula, and used a plastic cookie cutter. Here is what I used for inspiration.
Felt Cut Out Cookies With Frosting Tutorial

The full tutorial for how to make the felt cookies is  HERE
Then while at lila's birthday party I saw this adorable cloth dolly that another mom had made for her. And I just HAD to try it.  So I whipped up these cuties the other afternoon when I had some free time. (I am totally kidding when I say I whipped them up. They took a 4hours to make the 3 dolls and that was with my gma helping me stuff the extremities. My machine is broken so I've been sewing at my gmas) 
These aren't the finished product. I decided to add little bows to their hair after this picture. I also found this as a tutorial online. I can't remember where though. I will have to find it.
So I have been really enjoying myself with all this crafting/gift giving fun. 
We also got Emmaus' pictures taken by our fav photographer last week. Um they are SO CUTE. Here are a "few" of my favs...

Yep. Alea is AWESOME. She takes GREAT pics. Check her out! Book a shoot. You will be so happy with the pics! www.alealovely.com
And last but not least... I leave you with this. 
 Yes, she is asleep. She totally inherited my ability to sleep ANYWHERE at anytime. More often than not she falls asleep in the bath tub at night. So sweet. Look at that chubby baby! Rolls!
Love, La


  1. We love the puzzle! Thanks again! And more importantly...we love you and your sweet family!


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