Overwhelmed by Christmas

I have been somewhat overwhelmed by christmas this year. Not the "what the heck and I suppose to get all these people overwhelmed" but overwhelmed by the fact that God sent his ONLY son Jesus to earth, to be born by a woman, so that he could grow up and give his life on the Cross, so that we can be reunited with him in heaven. (longest run on sentence ever!)
We went to church last night and I cried. I cried in the gift shop looking at the willow tree figurines, (the sweet ones with a mom and a child). I cried when we worshiped by singing the traditional christmas hymns. And I cried as I held my sweet baby girl. I just was overwhelmed by the whole christmas story.  I think having a baby this year I just get it for the first time.
I understand the Love that a parent has for a child. I understand the sacrifice that God had to make to send his son into this harsh world.  I understand the pain that she felt in bringing Jesus into this world, and the overwhelming Joy that immediately followed. I understand the feelings Mary had as she wondered what kind of person this very special child would grow to be.
I just am awed that God loves us so much that he would sacrifice his son. As a parent I would do ANYTHING to protect my baby girl. I would give anything so that she doesn't have to suffer. And I think Gods heart must have ached watching his son in this harsh world. Just like mine aches watching Emmaus have so many struggles to overcome.
Last night our church service was about the idea of Emmanuel, which means God with us. It was about God coming to this earth to be with us. To be with us in our pain, to be with us in our rejoicing. The pastor then transitioned the sermon into challenging us about who we are living life with.
We have learned how to do community this year. We have learned the value of having people walking in this life with us. And we have learned this because of Emmaus being sick. We have been blessed not only to have a wonderful family, but a kick ass community that has surrounded us. That has celebrated with us in victories, that has cried with us in hard times, and that prayed and prayed and prayed. It has been the most rewarding wonderful thing we have ever experienced. And we would not know this type of community, this type of "being with" others unless we had a savior that came from his throne just to be with us.
So tonight and tomorrow I will be worshiping the King of Kings who came to this earth as a little babe. Who came just to be WITH us. (and so that we could be with him forever).

I hope you all know the Goodness of the Lord this Christmas. That He is WITH you. He is with you wherever you are in life. Whatever struggle you have, whatever hurdle you face, however broken your life is.

Merry Christmas!
Love, La


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