morning time.

 I love mornings with Emmaus. Mornings where we don't have anything to do. They are the best. She's been waking up around 6. She eats, gets her meds, and then gets in bed with me. Then she and I usually fall back asleep until either of us (has to) (or does) wake up. Today was a lazy morning so I finally woke up around 10 and she continued to snooze. The kid likes her sleep. I mean look at the digs she gets to take her "morning nap" in.

 Don't feel you need to leave a comment about how unsafe that HUGE down comforter is. I am aware. But doesn't she look so snuggly?? And I am also aware that many think co-sleeping isn't safe...however, kid sleeps in her crib. Just naps with me.

 Morning attitude anyone? She is so happy when you get her out of her crib at 6am...but then at 11am she is not as happy. (yes that is a burp cloth under her head- she likes to spit her meds out)
And lets be real. I HAD to post this pic...even though I look like that. And my boobs are so GLARINGLY WHITE and my tank top obviously is too low. But stop looking at me & check out that face. That morning scowl would give my bestie Emily Bury a run for her money.
Love this kid & our lazy mornings.
Love, La


  1. I love her little scowl. Clearly Emmaus & I feel the same way about how chipper you are early in the morning :)


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