Remembering 2011

2011, You have come and now you are going. And I guess I should do some type of review of you.
I had two resolutions from last year...First was to live in the present and not rush my life away-which I think I pretty successfully did.
The second was to not mircro-manage my hubby. Well I'm sure if you ask him he would say I still do this. But hopefully he would also say that I am getting less like this. Cause I sure have tried hard.
I guess a lot of people have resolutions about weight. Well this year I gained and lost roughly 20lbs...and now I am the same weight I have been most of my adult life.  I would venture to say I like my post-baby body more than my pre-baby body...And a perk is that I have found a brand of jeans that fit me PERFECTLY!!! I mean PERFECTLY. It has taken years to accomplish this task. That probably is the best thing that happened to me this year...oh wait. Emmaus. j.k j.k

This year has been really wonderful, and really hard. So here are a few things.

-We became parents this year. One of the most wonderful things that has ever happened to me. Emmaus has changed our lives forever.
-This year I learned that I can do a lot more than I previously thought. That I am stronger than I thought.
-I have learned the power of community. & of family.
-I have learned that you have to ask for help if you need it. And if there isn't help to be found where you asked then ask elsewhere.
-I have learned that people have all kinds of advice to give. But there are only some people that you should allow to "speak into your life" find those people and listen to them.
-I have learned that you truly will not be given more than you can handle. Even if the waves come one right after another there will always be a place of refuge to be found.
-I didn't learn this in 2011, but it was confirmed yet again. God is always with me. He has plans for me. He takes care of me, and never has left me. I may not see the whole picture this moment. But He is FAITHFUL. The love of the father has surrounded us in incredible ways this year.

(Side daughter is currently sitting in her exersaucer...watching friends. Laughing out loud... hysterically. Kid has good taste!)

Here are a few pics of the highlights of the year.

Supporting Emily and Wyatt as Clara entered this world

My brosefs graduation from KSU with his undergrad

Watching Emmaus Anne Grow
Enjoying my pregnancy with Dan. The last months as a family of two of us was such a special time for us as a couple. This pic was taken 1 day before we found out that Emmaus would have TSC. It marks a definite changing point in our lives. 

Dan and I at my sis-in-laws 30th birthday party less than 24 hours before emmaus was born!
Our family changing from two to three

Discovering Em and I sleep the same...
First snuggles
First Smiles
Me reuniting with old friends, and Emmaus making new ones. (Pic from Miss Charlottes 1st birthday party)

My little octopus on halloween



Lots of fun in 2011. We are so excited for 2012!


  1. Everyone of those pics is SO VERY adorable. Love reading about your family life and what you are learning! I have a sense that your story will reach well beyond what you may ever know, and others will be inspired and encouraged by your faith and bravery!

  2. Here's to a wonderful 2012 for you and your beautiful little family! :)

  3. oh my gosh, the octopus for halloween!!! adorable. thanks for commenting this morning... nice that our little babes are so close in age.


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