Weekend in review

Welp...my stint as a mom of three is over. No worries. I kept my kid...just gave the other two back.  It was a very fun yet exhausting weekend. I found myself saying "Are you making a good choice right now" about 100 times. (Which I find hilarious- I mean it sounds so serious) So here are a few fun or funny things that happened.
*2 year old was yelling "I have to poop" during her nap. I go in and she is BUTT NAKED. umm wow. I couldn't hardly keep a straight face. Sweet girl was at least yelling out for me because she knew she would be in real trouble if she pooped in her bed. So we got dressed. And she pooped while sitting in time out. "Because you don't take your clothes off at nap time" First test at not laughing when a serious face needed to happen. Glad to say I succeeded but just barely.

*Little dude (who will be 5 in just a few days but insists he is 4 1/2 - remember when the 1/2 was such a HUGE DEAL?!) is running around before bed all psycho like. And Dan says to me "Lets only have girls". No worries Babe- I will remind you that you wished for that when we have 3 teenage daughters.

*Every morning both kids would first say "Mayus" or "Where is Emmaus" they loved. her. When she would cry they would come tell me. Or try to get her to stop. Little dude rigged up her toys to hang so she could swat at them on the play mat. They seriously were very sweet with her.

*2year old fell down the stairs. Um yes...not one of my best babysitting moments. She went upstairs (which she does by herself) to get her blanket. Came down stairs (well fell really) wearing a captain america mask and shield (probably seemed like a great idea to a 2 year old) I was listening for her cause I new she went up to get her blanket and then I heard her start to come downstairs. And then I stopped hearing footsteps and I started hearing thump de thump de thump. Most horrifying sound I have ever heard. Thank you Jesus she was okay with only a bump on her head. But let me tell you nurse Laurisa sprung into action. I made her lay flat and looked at every inch of her little body. I about rushed her to the ER just to check that everything truly was okay. But RUSH is kinda a non-existent word when you also have a 5year old and 4 month old in your care. Glad for the pause because she really was okay. Just scared...and so was I.

*Both kids (and Dan for the matter) had coughs. I had to get over what little germ-o-phobe I have in myself and just resign myself to the fact that both myself and Emmaus will end up getting sick. The kids were good about being gentle and sweet with her, yet  leaning over her to cough was a very common happening this weekend. I tried for about the first 12 hours to get them to cough into their arms, or just reinforce them not coughing next to Emmaus. Then I gave up.  C'est La vie.

*We went to the zoo and kaleidoscope which were both fun but I am glad that I had another adult with me both times.

*I have watched them for several days at a time before. But the difference with this time is that I have my own baby. I was a much better babysitter this time. (I mean I always did a good job) but this time I was a mom. I have more patience now. And even after 100 melt downs and wiped noses at the end of the day I was ready for the next day...and for bed.

I am happy to report after all of that I still want a big family. However, I am thankful to only have one babe right now. So today we will rest and I will enjoy snuggling my one child and knowing that she is the only child I will ever have that gets this much attention from me.

Love, La


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