Do you all feel like I have completely neglected my blog? Yah me too. Man we have been so busy! It has just been non stop since I picked up the kiddos from school last friday. (And we are talking a week ago friday not a few days ago friday). I am an introvert. (I know that is shocking to most) but I am ready for some rest and some time to recharge. I work tonight and then get a few days off. HOWEVER- Dan's car caught on fire (I know right! I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried) Thankfully he is alright, but that little issue will make our week a bit more interesting. One car? Two Jobs? And baby with a seizure disorder that needs to be with a car just in case? Guess I will be getting some quality time in the car with my hubby and baby as we take and pick him up from work. Honestly this really doesn't stress me out too much. Just takes a little planning to figure out.
Emmaus is currently playing on her play mat. She is shreaking away. She just loves to talk and squeel and suck her thumb. She LOVES that thumb.
Everyone on FB is posting things they are thankful for each day. I'm not. Cause I can't remember to do that everyday. But I thought I would make a little list here. We are almost half way through the month so I will do 14 things now. And the rest at the end of the month.
1. Thankful for a Jesus that loves me and has saved my soul
2. Thankful for a wonderful hubby that completes me.
3. Thankful for our beautiful baby girl
4. Thankful for our neurologist Dr. wong and his wonderful nurse Chris
5. Thankful for my mom who watches Emmaus so I can get sleep after work
6. Thankful for those who have stepped up next to us and helped us out so much financially this year. We are blessed to have friends as great as you and are thankful for this EVERYDAY
7. Thankful for Dave Ramsey- cause he has helped us plan our finances and his program (&the help mentioned in #6) are the ONLY REASON we are not financially sunk after 3 straight years of very large medical bills.
8. Thankful for our friends that walk in this life with us. We have such a great community of friends around us
9. Thankful that I had a great childhood and parents that let me be a kid without much to worry about.
10. Thankful that I got to go to college
11. Thankful that we both have good jobs
12. Thankful for our families that love us really well
13. Thankful for a roof over our heads and food in our bellies
14. Thankful that it is almost christmas time

Speaking of christmas. It is almost here. I think we are going to decorate early, because honestly it has been a REALLY LONG YEAR. And I love Christmas time and the hope and joy that is brings. I love the christmas story and the way that God decided to have his son enter into the world.

That's all I've got for today!
Love, La


  1. his CAR CAUGHT ON FIRE?? What?! Oh come on. You guys are so attention-seeking. Quit being so dramatic. (that was sarcasm in case the tone gets lost in the typed words). Oh, Laurisa. If our extra car wasn't already on loan to another friend, we'd totally hook you up. I bet we can track one down for you guys I go a-networking among the leaves so green! (Just trying to get in the holiday spirit).

  2. Totally decorate early. I am pulling our stuff out this weekend. If not before...

    And my goodness, fire car? really now. Do you guys have an option yet? If parents have an extra (old!) car that works and they would CERTAINLY be willing to let you guys use. Text me.


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