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Well as of 2:30 today I am officially a mom of three for 80 hours. I am taking care of these two cuties till Monday night.
Don't let the pic fool you. They don't always get along this well. Although they are GREAT kids!
Day one went really well. They are pretty much obsessed with Emmaus or "mayus" in kid language. They detailed everything she did all day. And Fletcher even talked in the car for about 10 minutes about how fast she is developing. His exact starting statement was "Wow Emmaus, she is learning so fast!".  Although in the past few weeks I wouldn't say this is true this week she has had a HUGE developmental spurt! It is incredible. It seems that her increase in meds have finally taken affect. She is only having a couple seizures a day and has gotten very interactive and playful this week. Today she was so interested in the kids she just laughed and coo'd at them! She's started playing with a ball we have for her a today I saw her try to put a toy in her mouth. WOW! That is a HUGE improvement. It really has been a good week. Here is a pic of her holding her head up while on her tummy and boppy. WAY better than ever before! I am so proud of my girl. Here's to hoping for more good weeks.
She was so interested in Fletcher she held her head up to keep him in her sight.
Tomorrow we are heading to the zoo. (Yep I might be crazy) They let the animals smash left over pumpkins so it will be fun for the kids to see. I hope the weather cooperates. More updates of this weekend to come.

I'm so thankful for a good week and an alert, happy, learning, developing baby girl.  She is such a joy.

Love, La


  1. Fletcher and Morley are the greatest! I hope you all have so much fun together. I am so proud of "Mayus"! But I am also so proud of you and Dan for being such awesome parents! Love.....


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