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My favorite thing about the holidays is getting together with family. It is just a perfect storm for funny things to happen. This year my 88 year old grandmother Bonnie wins the prize for funny stories. She loves Emmaus. She has no idea who's baby she is, or if she is a he or a she. But she just enjoys seeing her and is always concerned about the warmth of her extremities...such a sweet great-grandma thing to worry about. She also cannot understand that her name is Emmaus. So she calls her Em-may-ah (Which I love).  So Emmaus was on her play mat just kicking away and my grandma was sitting on the couch she did the routine of asking who's baby she was ect ect. Then she says "well come on over here" -She is clearly talking to the baby. And I replied "She is too little to come over" and her response was (serious as can be) "not if SOMEONE would bring her."
Seriously. Witty lady.

We had a wonderful thanksgiving full of family & food. Yesterday we did a bit of christmas shopping and got Em some 9 month clothing because we are completely missing that age of clothing. It was fun to get to spend an extended weekend as a family.
Here are a few pictures from our first thanksgiving as a family of 3! (Yes I realize Dan is not in a single picture...whoops)
Happy thanksgiving! (Dan just had to get a pic before we got her out of bed)

Pre-turkey nap time

Us visiting with Grandma bonnie after the above story

Isn't she getting so big?! Seriously where did my baby go?!

Sacked out after a long day of seeing the family

And now we are headed to "steaksgiving" A Hunter family tradition. Steak dinner the weekend after thanksgiving! 
We have so much to be thankful for this year. 


  1. 1. that picture of em in her pjs (i got my pjs pjs pjs on...) is freaking precious. I could just eat her.
    2. you're so beautiful.
    3. I love Grandma Bonnie
    4. look at that baby holding her head up so strong
    5. I'm thankful for YOU.


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