So my phone started having issues right about the same time that Emmaus started having seizures. I think my phone has sympathy pains for her. It goes black and vibrates periodically. And I can't do anything to make it stop except for wait it out. Sounds similar to Emmaus having a seizure. I joke that my phone has epilepsy. -When I say I joke I mean I say that it has epilepsy all the time and people just stare at me blankly. Not sure if they should laugh or not. Cause they can't believe i am making a joke about my phone having a seizure disorder when my daughter actually does. (Humor. It makes things just a little easier)
So then last night I am laying in bed and I have just dozed off. And the bed started shaking...and the closet door was rattling. And I about poo'd myself. Here are my thought is order. 1. I live in Kansas...this can't be an earthquake- and if it is WHAT DO I DO? Basement...no wait that is a tornado. Outside. Is that right?!? Doorway? Oh geez. I will just lay here. 2. Is this the end of the world? 3. Wait is this some ghost/demon or something scary shaking the house... I decided against that thought. Then I woke dan up and he told me I imagined it and to go back to bed. Then I ignored him and looked on facebook of course (cause that is where any sensible girl gets her most valid information). AND I WAS RIGHT! Other people felt the shaking too. It was an aftershock or just feeling an earthquake that happened in oklahoma. CRAZY. So now the earth (or the part of it I live in) has epilepsy too.

So here is what I would like to say. ALL THIS DAMN SHAKING NEEDS TO STOP.

Jesus please heal Em's brain and stop her seizures
Jesus please protect us from natural disasters
Oh- whatever stupid android phone...keep your shaking up. You are getting traded in for the new iphone ASAP.

And that's what I think about that.


  1. I needed that. I will share this with my daughter. She needs to laugh, even if its just for a moment. It will get better!


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