There is an old African proverb that says "It takes a whole village to raise a child".  In the last 5 months we have learned a great deal about community. We have learned that the proverb is true. That it does take a village. But who is part of your village?
We belong to a church who believes very strongly in the acts church. Even though we gather on sundays as a big group of believers, we live our lives with people through out the week and that is where church really happens. We help each other, we support each other, we pray for one another, provide meals, times of rest, if anyone has a need there is a member of the community that can generally help meet that need.

We have a similar community with our families & with the girls and their husbands that I went to high school with.  And then there have been so many people from my work who have just stepped up in the last 5 months and have been a wonderful source of community and support to Dan & I as we have adjusted, struggled, and learned about being Emmaus' mommy & daddy.

Well last night I was working and Dan called me at work. He had gotten pretty sick and was curled up on our couch making frequent trips to the bathroom. He felt he wasn't able to take care of Emmaus over night. So Immediately I knew I had people to call, we had a community to help. Within a half hour Emmaus went to stay the night with our good friends the Blakes. She had a wonderful sleep over- where just like every little girls first sleep over no one gets much sleep but everyone is still excited in the morning. I was not anxious at all. I knew she was in good hands. Jess sent me a couple pics of her through the night. The ones of Em and her hubby just melted my heart. Jess is a lucky girl- her husband will be a wonderful daddy someday! They acutally woke her up when she got to their house so they could play with her. ***You're all gasping I know! However- my kid has no schedule she would have woken up in about 2 minutes anyway probably. And it means something to me that they love her so much that they would want her to be awake so they could chatter with her and enjoy her. I'm sure when she was chattering with them at 3am & 5am & 7am  it was much less cute.

I am thankful for great friends & great community

Love, La


  1. Oh poor Dan. But yay for Jess and Kyle and Emmaus' first sleepover! I love your description of the sleepover - no one gets much sleep, but everyone is still excited in the morning. :) Hope Dan is feeling better!


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