So after finding out we can have more kids we have spent the last 45 minutes discussing baby names...why you ask? I don't really know. But we found this great website (that I wish I would have found when I was preggo) that you can type in the names and it tells you how popular it has been and how many kids were named that in the last few years.
4 kids were named Emmaus last year (which the genetics counselor told me she had seen a baby boy named Emmaus recently! what are the odds?!)
But this is the messed up thing. There were more kids named Purple, President, Superman, Female, Senate & TURTLE than Emmaus.

UMM wow. We seriously have laughed for the last 45 minutes reading these names.  We are considering TURTLE for baby #2...very unisex don't you think?!



  1. oh no. oh no. senate? really? purple? do they want their kids to be drug addicts and/or prostitutes? cuz they're asking for it. oh, and please tell me the child named "female" is in fact a female? cuz that's gonna be one screwed up dude if not.


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