Good News

So I heard from the genetics department at Children's Mercy today. They got our lab results back and both Dan and I are negative for having TSC. Which means two things. One that Emmaus' disease was a random genetic mutation and not genetically passed on. And two that us having future biological children is a possibility. There is still a VERY slight chance (1%) that it is a germ-line mutation (which cannot be tested) and that we could have another child with TSC. But 1% is a much less than 50%. (I mean people use  birth control without worry and that is 99% accurate- so a 1%chance doesn't bother me)

So God willing Emmaus will get to have biological brothers and sisters.

This makes my heart happy.
Almost as much as this little girl. 



  1. that is AMAZING! Praise God for his mercy.

  2. oh yay! I am so happy to hear this! And Adorable. By the way!

  3. Praise the Lord! I am SO glad to hear that!

  4. Yayyyyy!!! This is awesome news!! E will make an awesome big sister I'm sure!!:) so happy to hear the update:) and suuuper cute picture!

  5. Hallelujah!!! This news made my week!!! Also Em looks super adorable (as always) and she is getting so big and strong, which makes me even more happy. You and Dan make really cute babies, and ya'll are amazing parents I'm glad that there may be more bio Ballew's in the future.

  6. Yeah praise the Lord for you and your husband! Im so excited for you!


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