Diapering lesson #87

So it has been a while since I have written anything about cloth diapering. I know half of you still think I am a fool for choosing cloth, the other half think I am super trendy & the other half (wait three 1/2's?) think I am saving the environment one cloth diaper at a time.

Well we still love it! When I say WE I mean Dan, myself & Emmaus' hiney. Since we started the cloth about 9weeks ago we have not had a single diaper rash (excluding the first one she got when I used too much detergent-but that was more of a chemical burn not diaper rash & a huge mommy fail) I don't rush to change the kid when she pee's or poo's because I know A. She won't get a rash & B. she won't leak. Now please understand I change her plenty- I am not just letting her sit there in poo all day but I don't rush to change her out of fear of those above mentioned things. (The kid kinda sharts a lot...you know a fart and a shit all in one- it is a teeny amout of poo...so I don't change those until she at least pees too) Anyway We still are loving it. We wash diapers about every other day. The washing process is kinda lengthy (cold rinse, hot wash with soap, hot rinse & dry pads, line dry shells) so we do them in the evening so we have clean diapers in the morning. Our water bill did go up...but only 6bucks! Which 6 bucks for a months worth of diapers! I dare to say even a good couponer would spend more.

So remember how I mentioned above she doesn't leak? Well I did learn a good cloth lesson today when she DID leak.
LESSON #87 You must have about even snaps on both sides of the diaper. (They snap closed) and on one side I snapped the 3rd snap, and on the other I snapped the sixth. Yah- I was in a hurry. Well lesson learned snap evenly- she leaked on the side with only 3 snaps fassened. (Why lesson #87 you ask? no clue. random number. I kinda do that a lot. I have a huge list of numbers of why I will never stand in the front at jazzercise too... all random numbers, but valid reasons)

So I would say 12bucks for the last 2months of cloth diapering is a great price & really it is easy and environmentally friendly...but mostly it's cheap.



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