10 things I love about my hubby being a daddy

1. He is a proactive papa. I think it is kinda normal for a first time mom to notice/worry about the little things but when I mention something to him, not only do I google it but then later he will say "well when I looked it up it said it could have been x, y, or z".

2.  Even though I am the pediatric nurse Dan is the "med giver" in our house. And he rocks at it.

3. I love the conversations he has with Emmaus when He doesn't know I am listening.

4. Even though he hates all the frilly stuff and HUGE bows I put on our daughter- he allows it and says "Your mommy likes for you to look good" or "Your mommy keeps you stylin'" to the baby once I show him what she is wearing

5. He told me today that he sets his alarm for 4am when I am at work just so he can wake up and check on her.

6. Emmaus' "Jesus Storybook Bible" was on the coffee table this morning and it was in her room last night-which leads me to believe that he took the time to read her a story out of it last night. (This kinda melts my heart)

7. Dan is and always has been on board with us cloth diapering our kiddo. In fact I have actually heard him say "Why would anyone choose disposable" I promise I didn't brainwash him.

8. Emmaus gets physical therapy and Dan does her exercises with her multiple times a day. And not because I ask him to...just because he wants to be involved in her development

9. He bought her chiefs socks (which I then turned into leg warmers) so they could cheer on the chiefs together (in style) on game day.

10. He says all the time that he is so glad that God gave US a daughter with TSC and not to someone who wouldn't love her or care for her as much. (I mean seriously?!? What a great attitude)

Those are just a few things I love about my hubby being a dad. He is a WONDERFUL father and Emmaus is very lucky to have a dad like him. With him as a dad she will always feel loved and know how much she is worth.

Just wanted to brag on my hubby.


  1. This made me teary. He's such a good daddy!

  2. What a great post! Dan is a GREAT dad! Lew reads the storybook Bible to Liam too! :-) love this.

  3. you guys are just so good at this.


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