Today we did this....

And I did this....
My super crafty friend Amanda showed me how! (I might have gone to hobby lobby to spend 5 dollars on the supplies I needed to make this wreath...and I ended up spending almost 20. Crafting is good for my soul and makes me happy so I guess it is worth it.)

And Emmaus did this!
Look at our girl! She has not been lifting her head up at all during tummy time (at least not since the seizures started) two days ago she would have been forehead to the mat...but not today! She was up looking around. I was so excited I almost cried. Baby steps...but we count it as a victory! And I couldn't be more proud or excited!

Love, La


  1. cute little napping mama and baby. cute little wreath- are those felt roses? cute little strong baby. Victories, yes!

  2. again i say, HUGE victory!
    you're beautiful.


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