Good Day

Today was a very good day. Emmaus slept very well last night. And then she was SO happy today! She took good naps, she played when she was awake. She was really alert and interactive. She was a normal baby. And it was just a great day. I got a ton of stuff done too. I had a sewing/craft day and that on top of a super happy, sweet, interactive babe was good for my soul. She had very few seizures today and that was also encouraging. Tomorrow the infants & toddlers case worker and OT come to evaluate Em. I am excited and nervous for their visit. I will be interested to see what they think of her and where she needs to improve. I am so thankful that Johnson County provides this service.
A few other random things
* One our health insurance assigned us a case worker to manage Emmaus' care...guess they thought we were costing them too much moneyl
*She slept from 1:30am until 7am last night. I felt to rested!
*Today I made 8 burpies, 6 onesies, and cut out the parts for two baby blankets- it was a super productive day.
Here are some pictures of the stuff I made and of my sweet girl. She is seriously getting so big! And looks so much like Dan it is crazy!
I love her.More than I ever thought would be possible.
Here are some pics of the onesies- I packaged the burpcloth/onesies as cupcakes. And then put them in a cupcake box. They turned out so well!

Then I just snapped a few quick pics of the little lady. She is just so big!

(She's cute too...did I mention that?!)
That's all for now.
Love, LA


  1. I'm in love with that mustache onesie and the cupcake burp cloths. Your creativity wows me. I wanna be like you when I grow up. :) And yes, she's soooooo cute! (Or as Lila says, "Oh, CUKE baby!")

  2. ok, i guess it would be ok if we had a baby boy first...(in 3 years) so he could wear that tie-onsie....cause dang...those things are cute!


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