Confession...I just ate three cookies. But they were oatmeal chocolate chip so do those even count as cookies?!? Surely I get some nutrition from the oatmeal, Right? What's that you say? Still made with butter??? OKAY FINE. I ate three cookies.
Right now I am watching my sweet girl have herself a mighty good time in her bouncy seat. She is cooing and laughing and trying to hit at the elephant dangling in front of her. She loves this chair- it vibrates and has music and has objects to swat at...a 2month old's heaven right?! She is so dang cute! Speaking of that cuteness we have been seizure free since Saturday night! She had one spasm that I saw but right before it was time for her meds. Only downside (which isn't really a downside) is that the vigabatrin has made her very alert and she tends to be very alert during the hours when most people sleep. So the last two nights she has been up quite a bit. Happy...but awake. Thus I have been awake as well.
Better awake happy than awake seizing.
I go back to work Friday. If you work with me and read this bring some goodies to work. It will make me feel better about coming back. (Okay probably not, but who doesn't LOVE to eat yummy food on a friday night shift?!?)


  1. I think the oatmeal totally counts as nutritious. As for the butter- hey. You are nursing! A mama needs her some cookies. That's what I tell myself at least....

    So happy to hear Emmaus is loving it up in her bouncy seat!


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