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A Few random thoughts for Monday

1. It is a full time job feeding a baby. (A job I am very thankful to have...but it is a full one)

2. I ran my first post-baby mile today. My time was TERRIBLE...but It didn't feel terrible and I ran the whole thing. I am going to have to improve a lot to run a 28min 5k in Oct...but I have time. Glad to have mile 1 under my belt though!

3. Nothing makes me flinch like the sound of my baby farting when I am changing her diaper. I realized last night that I close my eyes and mouth and kinda move over when I hear it. Opening my eyes only when the toot has stopped and assessing the area to make sure I am not covered in yellow speckles.

3 1/2. -Speaking of that...the kid has a knack for peeing and pooping AS SOON as you lift her little legs up to change her. It is incredible really. Her diaper can be soaked and full of poo and she will still let the streams flow and shart all over you! Good thing she is so darn cute. Come to think of it...she never does this at bath time when she is completely naked. Odd.

4. I have become very superstitious when it comes to the wee one. For example- At night I will not change her RIGHT before I put her back to bed. If she poops while I am feeding her I stop feeding her, change her and then finish feeding her (This can waste diapers cause sometimes she poops again-which is a huge bummer). However, I have found if I change her right before I lay her back down she pops open those eyeballs and looks all around and quickly announces it is wake time. (She is getting better at soothing herself and sometimes will even fall asleep from this state, but not often enough for me to let go of this little ritual-mama likes to sleep at night!)

5. We got a Trader Joe's in our area. At first I didn't understand what all the hype was about. It isn't a store you can you ALL your grocery shopping at and seeing as I already go to two stores to shop (Aldi for most things and Mexi-chopper for all the things you can't buy at aldi- mexi-chopper is the price chopper by our house. It is amazing and has the most impressive produce section EVER!) I wasn't thrilled with the idea of it. Plus- while its prices are better than whole foods It still is kinda pricey. However, my MIL gave us a gift card to trader joe's and they actually have a lot of cool stuff. I mainly got "luxury" items I wouldn't buy on a normal occasion, but I got a couple of things to make fun meals that are outside of our normal meal routine!

We had a fun weekend that really had no agenda-which rarely happens. It was nice and relaxing.
I guess that is all for now.
Love, La


  1. Tell me more about this 5K in October. I am interested... and way to go on your mile this morning! You rock!


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