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A couple quick thoughts as I must run out the door in about 2 seconds.
I have to use a lot more under-eye cover up than I did 6 weeks ago. Those circles are getting dark. Funny thing is- I was EXHAUSTED when I was pregnant and I don't even feel tired now...however I look tired.

I have to make my work schedule tonight. I could probably cry over it. I told Dan I only want to work once a week. He said nothing. haha. I do want to work some...but even trying to find two days a week to work is kinda difficult. (I am trying to avoid child care-which will make the above mentioned cover up and dark circles much more present)

I pretty much love being a mom. It could be that I have an extremely easy baby- but if we didn't have to wait to do a bunch of genetic testing on dan and I- and if we didn't have health complications with Emmaus that may need a lot of attention in a few months I would totally get pregnant again soon. Like before christmas soon. Yah- Yah- I know, I'm mental. However, I would.

Speaking of health complications- The more I read about TSC the more I want to punch it in the face. just saying. It kinda infuriates me. However, we are going to get to see CMH genetics before 9 months now. Which is a huge blessing. But even the thought of having to have my baby get an MRI under anesthesia makes me nervous as all get out. Yah-again, I know ship other peoples kids off to MRI all the time at work no problem...but I'm a huge wuss when it comes to my own kid.

Speaking of the kid... look at this pic.
She gets so excited sometimes now. Loving her smiles.

That's all for now
Love La

Oh one more thing- Yahoo new and the news on TV need to get there stories together. I will read about one thing on yahoo and then see it on the morning show a week later...or vice-versa. its old news then! (Yah-that's how busy I am now...I watch the morning show)


  1. She is so adorable! Praying over her and you all

  2. Yup that is one cute kid! And you were born to be a mom. You do it so well!

  3. I want to punch TSC in the face also...we could do the old one,two...with you doing one and me doing two! Think about it!!!!!


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