Potty Training at 38.5 weeks pregnant

I potty trained our Dog about 2 years ago which truly wasn't a terrible process. And I myself was potty trained once a LONG time ago...however, this week I have had to RE-POTTY TRAIN MYSELF...Here I am a woman of 25 at 38 weeks (and 5 or 6 days-I can't do math) pregnant and I am going to tell you about my potty training experience of this last week.
Yep- In my last blog I mentioned I had a cold...well the cold turned into a cough and here lies the problem.
Previously on this bloggity I have mentioned/shown pictures that are evidence that at times in this pregnancy I have had a "pee my pants" issue when laughing really hard/jumping/sneezing unexpectedly, ect. HOWEVER, NOT LIKE THIS WEEK! Those other times I let a drop of pee slip out.
This week has been a whole different monster. Okay it started really on Tuesday night at work. I was doing my nursing duties- walking along minding my own business when a HUGE cough escaped from my lungs. And then it happened. I PEE'D MY PANTS- we are not talking a drop or two, we are talking a flood...run down my legs kinda pee. YEP- I waddled my way to the bathroom. And then called my friend to figure out what to do. Well I ended up having my sweet husband bring me new underwares and pants and have not stopped wearing a panty-liner in public since "the incident" (Side note- Dan had to go buy me panty liners too! MAD PROPS to my super sweet hubby who I am sure was extremely confused in the feminine hygiene aisle of the store- we had a convo about "wings" the next day- the man just couldn't understand what the heck "wings" were and why they would be necessary on a pad)
Then yesterday I was sitting on the couch, same scenerio...a flood. I jumped off the couch so fast to avoid "soiling the sofa". (Don't worry I assure you my "lighting fast" movement saved the sofa- so you can feel free to sit next time you come to our house). I promptly had to change my pants again. CAN I GET A COLLECTIVE W-O-W???
Now I'm sure you are all thinking "Girl, you have to kegel when you are gonna cough" Well let me tell you after the experience at work I AM!!! This baby's head is just too much pressure and even my tightest kegel does little to no good against the harsh cough I have.
So learn a lesson from me ladies- If you are EXTREMLY HUGE AND PREGNANT and have a cough either go sit on the toilet before you cough or wear a diaper/pad/liner/ whatever you feel is necessary AT ALL TIMES.
In other news-
*I officially have cankles (ones that pitt after work)
*I found a stretch mark on my tummy- it is super tiny and it is only one....HOWEVER- I am NOT HAPPY about this discovery and I had a very stern "eviction notice" chat with the sweet baby girl residing in my uterus. (I told her to come out because I am getting grumpy with her being inside of me and somtimes I speak sternly to her, but I promise when she comes out I will love and speak sweet nothings to her)
I guess that's all for now
Love, LA


  1. All my stretch marks happened in the last 2 weeks.. I went into labor at 39wks0days, and didn't have a single one until 37 weeks! UGH. But.. truth be told.. I was not super diligent about rubbin lotion on the belly... it was a daunting task to me. So its probably my fault!
    Your pee in the pants story seriously cracked me up! I can't imagine - you must have one sure-in-his-masculinity husband!! :)

  2. I'm about to pee my pants laughing at this post! And I also had no stretch marks until about two weeks out when Lila dropped and put new pressure on what must have been the not-so-elastic part of my tummy. I was so mad! Ah well, battle wounds are a good reminder of the sweet babe that caused them!


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