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36 weeks

Here we are less than one month out from my due date! (If I was a timely person and posted this on saturday when I should have we would be a month out...but thanks to my procrastination we are now LESS than 4 weeks...less than one month away!)
Baby girl is getting big and her feet hang out under my left ribs...which makes them sore or numb most of the time! She is moving less but her movements are a LOT more powerful!

This week was another busy one Dan asked me this weekend if we would never have a relaxing weekend again- I replied "probably not!"

We went to a wedding this weekend, I had my last baby shower which was hosted by my mom and mother-in-law and we got in some good hang out time with Dan's bro and sis-in-law.
The baby shower was beautiful and it was wonderful to see all my family that I rarely get to see. Once again baby girl and I are feeling extremely loved and we have gotten pretty much everything we need! I even had fun doing/folding and putting away the massive amount of laundry for baby girl!
This is only one load of the probably 4 we have done!

We also had to get Dan some new glasses this weekend. I tried to convince him to get these ones...but he of course declined and got a more "sensible" pair!

Here is our most recent sono pic of baby girl! Look at those lips! And I love her little nose! I think it looks like a good mix of our noses! I CAN'T WAIT to meet her and see what she is like!
So her room is all done, except for the curtains/roman shades which may or may not get done before she comes. I should and probably will post a nursery reveal post soon!

In other news-
* I made my own dishwashing detergent this week. Seems to be working really well and was much cheaper and healthier than buying store bought. I got the recipe HERE. (P.S. this is one of my FAVORITE blogs to follow!)
* I bought the stuff to make these-
*I think I will use them in the bathroom. Super affordable project. I may do a tutorial- then again, maybe not! We will see how ambitious I am.
* And finally I started watching the Cosby Show. I love this show! It is so similar to how my parents were with us and it is HILARIOUS!

Last but not least here is my 36 week picture.


  1. la. omg. to quote your mother-in-law..."if everyone could look that good pregnant (referring to you) everyone would want to be pregnant!"
    and i couldn't agree more.
    Can't wait to meet that little nugget!


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