38 weeks & Other Happenings

Last week I mentioned that Dan was sick...well take a wild guess who is sick now! Yep me. In the middle of last week I charged our electric toothbrushes (This is not characteristic of me-dan usually takes care of that) Anyway- I usually leave mine on the sink and his goes on the shelf (they both SHOULD go on the shelf, but I am lazy so mine ends up on the sink). Well I was charging his and put mine on the shelf, because I was in a cleaning/organizing/everything needs to be in its place mood. The next afternoon I realized his was still charging-then I got to thinking! SURELY he isn't so grody that he just didn't brush his teeth this morning. So I asked him, and he said that he used his toothbrush which was on the shelf- WHICH WAS MINE!!! Gag... Anyway- I had been so careful to stay away from his sickness cause I didn't want it and still I got it-cause he used my toothbrush- LESSON LEARNED! I will NEVER charge the toothbrushes or put mine where it really belongs again! (okay maybe the real lesson is something else, but what-ev.)
Today is our second wedding anniversary. Dan took tomorrow off work so we could have a 3 day weekend together and just enjoy each others company before baby girl gets here. We didn't make any plans or even do gifts. Well, acutally we did gifts but it is kinda lame. The second anniversary is the "cotton" anniversary and well, we really needed new towels. So we decided to go buy towels. We got really nice ones. (side note- I love Marshalls/TJ MAX seriously we got awesome ralph lauren towels for SO CHEAP!) Yah- I know towels are kinda lame and not romantic at all, but we left the store and high-fived each other on our bargain, and at the fact that we both have been wanting new towels and we got them! (Dan is currently reorganizing our linen closet as I type-Yah, he is an organizational guru and I think a bit of a freak for it, however, he is my organizational guru and its one of the things I love about him)
I seriously am so blessed that God picked Dan for me. He is a perfect calm balance to my nuttiness and he handles my emotional mess of a self so well. He is encouraging, loving, and seriously one of the most selfless people I have ever met. Plus he is funny as hell. And laughs with me (and at me)...He just doesn't take life too seriously which is the exact opposite of me and exactly what I need. I know he will be a great father and I am SO excited to see him in that role so shortly.
Speaking of being a parent soon....I am 38 weeks now. (nice transition huh?!?)
Wow-o I can't believe we are here already! It is craziness. Everyday I wake up and with a whole bunch of excitement tell Dan- Today, is THE day for the baby to come out- every day he shakes his head at me, which means "whatever you say crazy lady". (A friend pointed out I sound like the boy that cried wolf-she's right, but I am just being optimistic that today could be the day! right?!?)
This week
*I've started having contractions- Tuesday night I had them pretty much every 8-10 minutes from about 8pm till 130 am when I finally fell asleep then I woke up at 6am with none. I know they are just braxton hicks but its still nice to have SOMETHING happening.
*I have been pretty uncomfortable. Nothing major just stiff, my back hurts again, I feel like there is a head in-between my legs & I have been super emotional- but overall I feel okay still. I keep waiting for the heat to REALLY get to me, or to feel like I just CAN'T DO THIS another second but I don't feel that way. I feel like I WANT to be UNPREGGO- but mainly just because I want to meet baby girl and I want to be unpreggo.
*I think I have begun to swell a bit. Nothing major, but just in general I feel I look a wee bit puffy. And I am definitely puffy after work!
*Speaking of work... I only have 5 more shifts left! Hooray!

I think this week she will come! Anyone else?!?! If not then probably next week or the week after. But I am routing for tomorrow actually. Then tuesday-then so on... (Yep- I know I'm crazy-but all a girl can do is hope.)
Here is my 38 week pic. It really is a BEAUTY. okay not so much. I look annoyed and like I am sick of posing sideways for photos. But the bigger that belly gets...the skinnier my arms and legs look. =)

That's all for today
Love, La

Oh- P.S. My dad rocks too and happy fathers day to him. It was just too much for one post.


  1. you are the cutest thing ever.
    even though i know you're ready to have your non-pregnant belly back, and your non-pregnant feet back, and your non-pregnant bladder back.

    I love you. can't wait to meet this little potato.

  2. love you and your post! everytime i laugh at them. you are so witty. i hope for you that baby girl comes quick. i tried every trick under the sun to get LB out early and nothing worked but patience...and even then i still wasnt the most patient. hints 2 hospital trips in 24 hours :) anyway praying she arrives soon and you all get to hold her in your arms! cant wait for the announcement and picture overload!!! :)


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