37 weeks & my mean math skills

According to babycenter.com 37 weeks is considered full-term even though my due date is 3 weeks away.
I waver daily from thinking that I am gonna have this little gal early vs. thinking it will be after my due date. Today I am thinking she will be here early. Although, I am trying to enjoy the last few weeks I have hogging baby girl all to myself. I will miss that she isn't with me everywhere I go! (Although I will enjoy being more comfortable, and less huge!)
-At my last Dr's appointment they did an unofficial measurement and they are thinking she is about 6lbs 14oz already (that is plus or minus 13oz)
-Baby girl is moving less, but I feel her little foot punching my ribs several times a day.
-Lately when she moves it HURTS! I get a huge amount of pelvic pressure and most of the time it feels like someone is stabbing me in the vajazz with a knife (another preggo friend said she felt like she was getting hit with a bolt of lighting in her crotch-either way its hurts)

Today we went to the KC city market and then went to see Monet's water lilies at the Nelson. (All three paintings are together for the first time in 30 years!) They were breath-taking and it took him 11 years to finish the master piece. It was very cool.
At the City market I got a SWEET parking spot by parallel parking. Seriously we were 25 yards from the entrance! I freaking love a sweet parallel parking job. Every time Dan says in AWE "How do you do that?!?!" right after I slide into a tiny parking spot. And I just shake my head and say it's just simple math. I have to Thank Phil Veer my high school geometry teacher for teaching me all about angles and degrees. It's just math! Yep...I just bragged for a paragraph on my parallel parking skills.

Dan has another cold- I swear that man is sick more than anyone I know (other than his brother...who pretty much gets sick every 2 weeks!) Mark my words I will convince him to get his tonsils out before the end of the year. Seriously they are HUGE!!!! They are called "kissing tonsils" and I swear that is a huge part of him getting sick all the time! However, although he feels terrible he has been quite a trooper and had fun with me today. (We know this could be our last weekend without the bambino!- So thanks babe for being fun despite not feeling well)

Okay so this blog has been very little about the baby and more about other random stuff. Lucky you...in one post you got to hear about a knife stabbing my vajazz, my excellent geometry inspired parallel parking skills, and my husbands tonsils that are kissing!

Here is my 37 week bump pic!


  1. I waited and waited and waited for you to post your 37 week blog last night! Happy FULL TERM!! i love you. i can't wait to hold that sweet peanut!

  2. Laurisa, you are so stinking cute. And I really miss you! You seriously do look great though! Excited to see what happens next and when on your journey :)


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